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JMK Custom Pool Houses is an experienced general contractor familiar with all phases of “accessory building” and outdoor structure construction. Examples of accessory buildings include pool houses, attached or detached garages, sheds, playhouses, storage buildings, pergolas, garden structures, greenhouses, private studios, boat houses, cabanas, and other similar residential buildings. Legally, most accessory buildings are not permitted to be used as sleeping quarters or as living space or to store commercial vehicles.

Whether you are interested in a backyard lounge space or a poolside home for overnight guests, JMK Custom Pool Houses use top-quality materials and workmanship to bring your ideas to life. We build pool houses, outdoor kitchen spaces and garden structures like cabanas, gazebos and pergolas to suit any style, taste and budget. We can also work directly with your designer and architect to customize any outdoor structure to match your individual needs preferences.

Depending on zoning ordinances, accessory building guidelines might include the following:

  • They must be limited to two plumbing fixtures
  • Some towns do not allow accessory buildings to have kitchens
  • For zoning purposes, pools and spas are also considered accessory structures
  • Must be detached from the residence by some minimum distance
  • Accessory buildings are not allowed in required front yard setbacks
  • Usually limited to one story
  • In most municipalities, building permits are required for all accessory buildings or structures greater than a certain square footage of the floor area (or the roof area for trellis or pergola-type structures)
  • Electrical/plumbing permits are required
  • Attached garages and carports, storage buildings, workshops, hobby shops, and other similar structures that are for non-habitable purposes are considered accessory buildings

Pool Houses

The primary purpose of a pool house is to provide one or more private spaces near the pool where family and guests can change in and out of swimsuits, use the bathroom, shower, relax and enjoy a meal. A pool house makes pool ownership more enjoyable by allowing convenient access to everything you might need or want within just a few steps of your pool. Structures can range from a well-appointed shed to a guest house with bathroom and kitchen facilities, a sitting area and even bedrooms. Many pool houses feature an open patio area, often covered for shade. Adding an outdoor kitchen or a lounge area surrounding a fireplace turns your “pool patio” into a preferred backyard destination.

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Garden Structures

What was once commonly referred to as a patio roof is now often called a pergola. Pergolas provide shade from sun and shelter from rain, and wind while extending your home’s living space. A major architectural structure, pergolas consist of rafters, beams, and posts, and can be attached to your home or freestanding. A pergola will increase the amount of time you spend outdoors entertaining guests and relaxing. Because outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity, a pergola can increase the value of your home.

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Outdoor Kitchens

As outdoor rooms and living spaces rise in popularity, so do outdoor cooking spaces. Grilling and dining outdoors is a common reason for spending time outside at home. Outdoor kitchen equipment can be added in modular units and if well-planned can be installed in phases, starting with a grill and adding appliances, countertops, islands, refrigerators, ice makers, a kegerator and more as your needs and interests grow. It may be the perfect time to give serious thought to an outdoor kitchen.

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JMK Custom Pool Houses use top-quality materials and workmanship to bring your ideas to life.

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