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As outdoor rooms and living spaces rise in popularity, so do outdoor cooking spaces. Grilling and dining outdoors is a common reason for spending time outside at home. Outdoor kitchen equipment can be added in modular units and if well-planned can be installed in phases, starting with a grill and adding appliances, countertops, islands, refrigerators, ice makers, a kegerator and more as your needs and interests grow. It may be the perfect time to give serious thought to an outdoor kitchen.

Everything tastes better off the grill. Investing in a high-quality grill and learning how to use it properly will pay significant dividends. Before long you will be looking for opportunities to get outside and cook. During the summer, you might find yourself out there every evening at the grill. A proper installation will guarantee that cold temperatures and snow won’t be a problem keeping you from grilling during the winter months.

Let’s face it, prepping for the barbecue less than convenient. Wouldn’t be much easier and more enjoyable to dice, chop and marinate in the same area as you cook? Back and forth to your indoor kitchen is no fun, especially when you’re handling raw meat. Add a sink outside so cleanup is a breeze. Al fresco cooking is so much nicer when you can prepare your meal, wash up and simply place it on the nearby grill or cooktop. It’s like your kitchen, only outside!

The investment in an outdoor kitchen often pays off in the long run. Everyone eats and almost everyone loves the convenience of cooking outdoors. Outdoor kitchens require little maintenance and can be used year round. When you decide to sell your home, an outdoor kitchen is a real amenity. Eating outdoors appeals to just about everyone.

​Your lifestyle, imagination and budget will determine what type of outdoor kitchen space you design. At its most basic, it could include a grill and a store-bought outdoor bar or high table that serves as a counter or island. Beyond that, choices are seemingly unlimited. You can get as elaborate as you desire.

Decide if you want a fully functional kitchen or something more simple. From there, you can determine essentials and luxuries and whether your budget allows for the extras. JMK Custom Pool Houses has installed many outdoor environments, some incorporating the most highly-regarded outdoor equipment and appliances available.

​Determine a convenient and safe location and use materials that coordinate or compliment your home’s exterior. If your outdoor kitchen is permanent, consider the materials used on the exterior of your home. Brick, concrete, stucco, stone, tile and metal can be attractive options that work well with your home’s style.

Outdoor kitchen

​Do you love grilled fish, steaks burgers and dogs over charcoal or gas barbecue? How about pizza perfectly cooked in an outdoor brick oven? Big Green Egg, tandoor or maybe even a smoker? Your outdoor kitchen can include any you can imagine from a natural gas, propane, electric, or charcoal grill to various ovens, stoves and specialty cooktops. Do you prefer to prepare food outside or, despite all the advantages of outdoor preparation, are you fine with prepping indoors and bringing your food outside to cook? Do you want or need a sink outside? Dishwasher? Consider refrigeration too. It’s incredibly convenient to unpack your cold items from shopping bag to outdoor refrigerator. They will be there when you need them. Outdoor refrigeration is great for marinating and for keeping drinks frosty cold all day. When designing your outdoor kitchen environment, think about the maximum number of people you might entertain. It might help to plan some of your favorite outdoor meals to make sure that the outdoor kitchen you are considering will perform well for you and your guests.​​ How many household members will be cooking outdoors and what type of cooking do they prefer? How often will you and others be using the grill and kitchen? Be realistic. You can always start modestly and add extras as your needs evolve. JMK Custom Pool Houses can help you through the process from beginning to “well done!”

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