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If you appreciate the sun but want the option for shade, want to change outside or are simply looking for a cozy place to relax, dine al fresco, mediate or practice yoga, a cabana, pergola or gazebo from JMK Custom Pool Builders will make an excellent addition. These structures enhance both the look and value of a property. The can also create new lifestyle opportunities for your family and guests.

Garden structures like those above can add to the enjoyment of your home and its value. These types of outdoor structures are desirable to prospective home buyers.

Cabanas, gazebos and pergolas encourage new social activities for friends and family outdoors. In addition, they offer a perfect space for hosting events outside, including outdoor dinner parties, birthday parties and more. Gazebos are popular in our area because of their solid roof structure with open wall that offer great cross-ventilation and provide beautiful views. If you have the space, a gazebo can go just about anywhere on your property including in a garden or by a pool. Like all of our structures, we customize features to your preferences.

Pergolas typically sit on top of a patio or deck surface, but can also be placed in an open lawn area. These structures have an open ceiling and no walls and are meant to define outdoor space, such as a dining or lounge area, and provide some shelter from the sun. Pergolas can be as simple or as ornate as your imagination and budget allow.

Our goal is to meet your objectives in every way possible. If your project includes renovation or remodeling of an existing structure, please contact us to discuss your plans. Each remodeling project is unique and our deep renovation and remodeling experience will serve you well as you consider the future design for your existing structure. We can update older structures with fresh paint, a new color scheme, additional accents and modern building materials that may perform better and require less maintenance than the original. JMK Custom Pool Houses can also expand your existing structure.

Design Considerations:

  • Location and orientation. Which direction should the structure face?
  • How will the design fit with the architectural style and landscape design of your house.
  • Materials: Hardwoods, metals, prefabricated components, kits, fabric, and glass.
  • The most significant expense will be labor and materials. Don’t let a limited budget deter you. JMK Custom Pool Houses is resourceful and creative and has deep experience “value engineering” projects

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While our firm is purpose-built to serve client needs on detail-oriented projects, we pride ourselves on providing services and support typical of larger firms. The projects we choose allow us to provide our clients with highly personalized attention from start to finish.

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